How to Ensure Your Safety On the Internet?

Internet is one of the most useful assets for businesses and individuals today. It is very important in the lives of many people including business owners. While it is full of fun and wonderful information, internet is also bedrock of many dangerous criminals. So, there is need to ensure that you are always safe on the internet.

Unfortunately, millions of internet users do not know how to stay safe. No wonder cyber crimes continue to be reported every minute. You need to take several measures to keep off cyber criminals who are always looking for opportunities to steal your data. The following tips will help you towards ensuring your safety.

  • Don’t share every information on social media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter among others might be part of your everyday life. While it is good to connect with people, you should not share sensitive information on your account. For instance, don’t share your phone number, the names of your parents, your birthday and your children’s name. If you share such information, people will know almost everything about you. This makes it easier to truck you.

  • Use strong passwords

As an internet user, you should know that your password is the key to your business and personal accounts. So, anyone who has the key will be able to access and steal data from your account. Make sure you choose a password that is long, unique, and not easy to guess. Use number letters, uppercase, lowercase and characters when choosing a password. The more complex and longer your password is the more difficult it will be for any stranger to guess it correctly.

Avoid using 1234, or your birthday as your password. In fact, doing so is not only laziness, but also being unreasonable. Such characters can easily be guessed. It is highly recommended that you change the password after every two months or so.

  • Never give out sensitive details to anyone

Cyber criminals will try to get your personal details to use them in trying to access your accounts. Never give out your personal details such as your phone number, full name, or address to any stranger online. Cyber criminals usually target internet users in chart rooms especially when people are negotiating deals or jobs.

Whenever someone you do not know or trust asks for such personal details, you should know it’s time to become extra careful. When you give out your personal details to unfamiliar persons, you will be definitely compromising your identity, accounts and physical safety.

  • Have several e-mail accounts

If you ask any cyber expert, they will tell you that you should have about three e-mail accounts. Apart from your official account, you should also have a non-official account. You should also create a junk e-mail, which you will be using to randomly sign up for almost everything at stores, on social media, and on restaurants. This way, you will easily minimize spam and many other privacy issues.

  • Download files and software from trusted sites

When you need to download software or files, only do so from sites that trusted sources have verified or rated highly. For you to know that a downloading resource is a trusted one, you will find out that it is upfront when it comes to price. Its rating should also be high.

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