How to Attain the Maximum Speed of the Internet Connection?

There are so many factors that can affect your internet connection and interfere with its speed. When you realize that web pages are taking much longer to load, you should know it’s time to take necessary steps to attain the speed you are supposed to be getting. Here is what you should do to increase the speed of the Internet connection.

  • Clean up the computer you are using

Chances are that some applications on the computer you are using could be running without your knowledge. Security updates and scans, windows updates, open website tabs and Skype and so on might be running and eating away at the broadband speed. Check and shut down all the services that are no important or those that you don’t need. You should also shut down Spotify, BBC iPlayer and any other bandwidth-heavy streaming service that you don’t actually need.

  • Change the location of your router

Doors, walls, and interference from children or an employee can affect the strength of the wireless signal of broadband. If you realize that the speed of the internet has reduced, you should try to change the location of your router. It’s recommended that you place it at a raised position. If you have a small home business and you want to ensure coverage across the entire premises, you should place your router in a central place.

  • Secure your connection

The speed of the internet connection at your office might be because someone is using it. So, protect your Wi-Fi with a strong password to keep away any unauthorised users who might overload your connection and interfere with its speed. You can also buy a modern password-protected router, which comes from providers when it is already secured.

  • Buy powerline adapter

If you want to maximise the internet speed and have a strong signal across the entire premises, you should buy yourself a powerline adapter. You will connect it to electricity power lines within your home.

  • Check whether it is the weather

Rain, heavy snow, lightning, or wind can sometimes alter internet connection. Users of satellite internet experience this problem more often when the weather changes.

  • Use a virus-free computer

Running virus scans on a regular basis will ensure that your computer is free from any virus. If you allow viruses to infect your computer, they might eat up the resources in your computer and affect the speed of the internet connection. Using a virus-free computer can help a great deal in increasing the speed of your connection.

  • Contact your service provider

When you have tried fixing the problem but the internet speed you are getting is still slower than usual, you should contact your service provider immediately. After all, the problem you are experiencing might only be fixed from the provider’s end. Providers have skills and plenty f experience on matters to do with the speed of the internet connections. If the internet connection is substandard, or has a technical problem, they will let you know and, or fix it in no time.

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