Frequently Asked Questions

You definitely DO NOT need to spend money to make money online. However, it is all relevant in terms of how fast you want to make money and how much. If you have money to invest, and you’re willing to put a lot of time into testing, you can make money fairly fast. But if you have more time than money, and you want to build a long-term site, I’d suggest focusing on building a blog on a topic that interests you. This can be done for very little cost.


Find out which companies in your niche have affiliate programs and apply to them. Check them against each other to see which have the longest cookie durations, best payout, highest EPC, etc. Then start testing creative from these companies to compile data and determine which perform best for you and your audience. It also helps to know your demographic and who is visiting your website.

It’s all a game of testing. Since there are literally thousands of offers to choose from, you can break down your decisions by profit potential, quality of offer and relevance to your web site and audience. If you are selecting ads for your high-quality profile blog, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t pushing crap off to your readers. It is best to keep in mind if the product is not the quality that you would be willing to pay for then don’t promote it.

It’s definitely possible to make a massive amount of money without relying on pay per click. PPC is always the big attraction because it can deliver fast and big numbers. What most people aren’t discussing or thinking about is the big costs involved in using PPC.

PPC is just one area of affiliate marketing and is not the only traffic source. There are plenty of affiliates using content sites, comparison shopping, email, blogs, coupons, etc. to generate big results.

Start out by joining some of the internet communities and reading the blogs. Then start getting familiar with the lingo and how networks, CPA and CPC, social marketing and all aspects work. Do a simple google search and you will come across a ton of newbie information for free.

Building a relationship by providing value and services will help the affiliate get to know you better and trust you. This way they are more likely to promote your products and services. Although it does not guarantee it. Another way you could get affiliates is to contact them with your exact numbers, and information about your products and services. This can be a very easy and fast way to get your campaigns up and running.

ClickBank has always been a massive powerhouse from an affiliate aspect, they have an excellent selection of offers for almost any niche in their market place, with well written creatives and ad content. As an advertiser, you simply create an account, add a product, a few creatives and you are ready to go. ClickBank is genius! But keep in mind you do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Beside the other companies have different offers.

Without a doubt. Affiliate are getting great results with Facebook Fan Pages, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more social networks for years to promote affiliate links for building up niche sites that people are really interested. You would be surprised at how many people will retweet articles they are interested in, and gladly contribute on your blog feedback.

I will test both landing pages and sales pages. Sales pages is always easiest, but with the creation of a landing page, you may even increase conversions more. It’s very easy to split test offers while advertising on solutions like Facebook Ads, because you can get a decent flow of traffic very fast and have an idea where and what people are clicking on.

That’s the nature of testing the key is to closely monitor things to limit losses and scale gains. Sometimes it takes a bit of money to figure that out. Once you find the few keywords, ad copies or offers that work and weed out the best, you can see a quick swing to high profit margins.

I think it’s always important to track what traffic source is converting best. If you’re promoting your site in multiple places, always make sure you know which site is bringing in what conversions. This can be done with a simple “subid” and helps dramatically. For testing, the main thing I test is my headlines. Testing different headlines both in affiliate landing pages and ads is very important!

I choose the offer first and I make sure that the offer fits my website. This way I am more likely to maintain a site if I have an interest in it. But there are plenty of successful affiliates who are essentially mercenaries that create sites to capitalize on whatever is hot.

If you can send users to an advertiser’s website by placing a banner on your own website or writing an article containing text links, posting an update on your social media profile etc. then you can become an Affiliate! If the users you sent then convert to actions like sales or registrations then you will receive commission for these actions.


There is absolutely no cost associated with the service nor do you need to make any investments. All you need to invest is some of your time in order to acquire the experience and knowledge necessary to optimize your actions and maximize your profits through Affiliate Marketing.

You will have to consult with your accountant if you don’t know if and how to declare the earnings you receive from your business either as an individual or as a company.