5 Reasons why you should use YouTube Marketing for a small business success

Using YouTube to market a small business is one of the most effective ways of promoting small businesses.

If you own a small business, it is very important that you find effective ways to get whatever you are selling in front of your audience continuously. You don’t have to break the bank to market your products and/or services. Using YouTube to market a small business is one of the most effective ways of promoting small businesses. If you incorporate YouTube into a marketing strategy, chances are that your business will grow.

If you are not yet convinced why you should use YouTube to promote your business, then read on to find out how it will benefit you.

  1. It captures attention

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Nothing captures the attention of people than a creative, clear YouTube video. No wonder many businesses, celebrities and organizations and so on are constantly uploading YouTube videos for their audience. According to research, this site receives at least 300 hours of videos per hour. Because YouTube videos capture attention of viewers and captivate them, your business will get an extraordinary exposure on this site.

  1. Viral marketing

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This site provides small businesses with plenty of viral marketing returns. Once you upload a video on YouTube, viewers will share it with their friends and follower on social media and some will even upload it on their websites. In more often than not, a person who receives a video from a co-worker, a friend or a family member shares it with the people who are close to him or her. This eventually creates a ripple effect. However, this only happens if the YouTube video is captivating.

  1. Global accessibility

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Using YouTube to advertise any business has plenty of benefits because it offers you a chance to reach all your targeted customers worldwide. This site is a worldwide sensation, and it reaches almost all countries. In other words, YouTube is accessible in all corners of the world, and in various devices including tablets, laptops, smartphones, and PCs.

More than 75 countries use YouTube, and it is available in more than 61 languages. Because it is highly available, it will expose your business in an effective way. It will be exposing your business 24/7 even when you are a sleep.

  1. You can integrate it with social media

youtube marketing

You can easily share your YouTube videos online. This therefore means that you can easily integrate these videos into a social media marketing strategy. When you distribute the videos on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn, chances are that the business exposure will increase instantly. It is worth noting that at least 323 YouTube videos are watched every minute on Facebook.

  1. It grows the presence of your business online

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When you upload captivating YouTube videos, they will obviously become popular, and this is extremely beneficial to your business in terms of promoting its presence. When people watch and share your video, it will grow in popularity. This improves its ranking. As the video continues to become more popular, the chances that people will click on associated links will also increase, and this is what grows the presence of an online business.

Why Facebook Makes for a Good Marketing Strategy?

While Facebook was mainly created to help connect people around the world, business owners have been inventing new users of this amazing social media platform. So far, it has become an effective tool for advertising and promoting both small and big businesses. Unfortunately, many other business owners out there still do not understand how this social media platform can benefit a business if used in a marketing plan. If you are one of these people, then you have come to the right site. Just read through to find out some of the few benefits of Facebook to a business.

  • An economical marketing strategy

Who said marketing must cost a lot of money for it to be effective? You can market your business on Facebook without having to break the bank. There are many marketing activities that usually cost a lot of money through other advertising channels. However, these same marketing activities would only cost a fraction of what they would have cost on other channels when you use them through Facebook. This makes this social media platform ideal to both small and medium businesses that cannot afford a huge marketing budget.

  • You can share information relating to your business

You can share brief basic information relating to your business publicly on your Facebook page. For instance, you can publicize the name of the business, its address and the contact details with the public. Additionally, you can give a brief description of the products or services you are offering. Furthermore, you can also use your Facebook page to talk about your business history, your staff, and any other relevant aspect of the business that can attract any other users of Facebook, and builds interest in whatever you are doing.

  • Upload pictures and, or videos from the business

Facebook benefits you a great deal in marketing because it allows you to upload and share pictures, videos and audios from the business. Furthermore, Facebook also lets you post texts, and tag photos. When you share such information on your Facebook page, you will be communicating with your existing and potential customers in a very powerful way. They will have an opportunity to see the products or services you are offering without them visiting the premises.

  • Talking to your audience

Facebook page allows you to post and receive messages. This therefore means that you can actually use this media platform to talk to both your existing and prospective customers. Instead of using this media platform to market your business aggressively, you should share interesting information about the business. The information should be useful to other Facebook users. This way, your credibility will increase and you will be able to build a lasting relationship with your current and potential customers.

  • Customer support provision

Your customers will not have to visit the premises to get customer support. Instead, they would be able to post any after-sale question to you on the Facebook wall. After which, your staff will be able to provide an answer instantly. This is always more effective as compared to staff answering customers directly on phones.

How to Market a Small Business Online?

Marketing an online business can be a daunting task. However, it can be very easy as well provided you know what you are doing and how to do it the right way. You don’t have to wait for years for Google to rank you high on its SERP. Of course, you will not start reaping the benefits of advertising your business overnight. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to take ages for you to get returns. In this post, I have highlighted some of the best ways of marketing a business. These ways have definitely offered impressive returns to many entrepreneurs who have tried them. Check them out!

  1. Create a noteworthy blog

Creating a blog is a very important method of marketing any business online. It is where you will be posting very high quality content to with an aim of sharing the same with your existing and targeted customers. For this marketing method to be effective, you should update your blog regularly by revising the content you had posted earlier, or by posting more content on a regular basis. While this strategy requires weeks, months or even years to pay off, you should embrace it because you will eventually reap the benefits in a big way.

  1. Connect with people on LinkedIn groups

If there is one great, effective way of connecting with other people quickly especially those in your niche or industry, then it must be through LinkedIn groups. These groups allow you to connect and have discussions with entrepreneurs who are also selling or buying the same products that you are trying to market. When you join LinkedIn groups, you will be able to make meaningful contributions to discussions or conversations. When the members have already known you, you can then start promoting your products especially by dropping links.

  1. Take advantage of Instagram influencers

With almost everybody on social media, you have the ability to reach millions of people globally instantly. However, visibility and algorithms can work against you especially when you are out of reach of thousands and hundreds of followers. However, there is a way out. You can simply use powerful Instagram influencers to reach out to people and spread your message. Of course, this will cost you some money. However, it will definitely help you have instant access to thousands of people interested in your niche. Just be sure to choose a relevant Instagram influencer.

  1. Use email marketing

As a business owner, you should engage in email marketing. While it is not an easy feat, you can succeed with it and have good returns. For email marketing to be successful, you can give out something for free to consumers in exchange for their email addresses. Be sure to give away something that is valuable to your consumers. After collecting email addresses, take your time to develop a good relationships with the owners of those emails before trying to sell to them. Simply put, you need to connect with a consumer first before you turn your focus into selling.


5 Best Marketing Tips for your Small Business

One of the most common challenges that small businesses face is stiff competition. For your business to survive and run successfully, you have to remain competitive. Otherwise, your small business will surely fail in the next few months if not weeks. But how do you remain competitive? Well, there are very many ways to stay ahead of your competitors. And marketing your business is one of the most effective ones.

While you can try traditional marketing methods, it will be very hard for your business to succeed if you don’t do online marketing. For this reason, I have thought it wise to highlight some of the best online marketing tips for small businesses.

  1. Understand your user

Before you start marketing, you should understand the people who you are targeting. For example, ask yourself what device they are likely to use to access the information you want to pass to them and what is their level of education? Find out what interest them the most, and so on. This way, you will be able to come up with strategies to capture their attention and turn them into consumers.

  1. Blog like an expert

Almost all businesses have adopted blogging. It is an effective way for you to utilize SEO (search engine optimization) practices and to make your targeted audience notice your business. Instead of focusing on frequency, much of your effort should go to the quality of what you post on your blog.

When you optimize the website for search engines especially with high-quality blog posts, the search engines will rank you high and your business will actually appear on the first page of the search results when people search for the topics that are related to the products or services you are offering. This way, many people will click on your website leading to increased leads. This will help your business grow.

It’s recommended that you post content with relevant keywords on your blog on a weekly basis. Be sure to post valuable content. Otherwise, your readers will lose interest, and you will lose traffic and leads.

  1. Visual strategies

Visual marketing involves posting videos and live feeds to spread your message. Research shows that conferences and events become more effective when business owners engage their audience with live streaming. For a visual marketing to be effective there should be engaging graphics.

  1. Make your website mobile compatible

Majority of people browse using mobile phones. Therefore, your website must be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, most of your targeted customers will not be able to access the information on your website. People should be able to view your business on iPhone, Android, and so on.

  1. Automate email list

After collecting email addresses from consumers, be sure to automate the list. After enticing your audience onto that email list, and provided them with valuable content, you should then automate the entire process. Every subscriber should actually receive an occasional business newsletter, a welcome email and a multi-message after every specified period. It’s good to drop them a valuable offer especially the one they already love.






How to Market a Business Using Social Media?

Did you know it is possible to promote your business and increase sales on social media platform? This type of marketing is extremely easy, effective and quick. Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are free and you can effectively use them to engage directly with your business audience. To get you started, here are the main steps you should follow when marketing your business on social media.

  • Asset assessment

Before you start engaging in any kind of online marketing, you should first assess whatever you want to promote. For instance, you have to look at your assets and your targeted audience. While this may seem obvious, you could end up reaching just a small fraction of your audience while there are so many people out there who are probably more interested in what you are selling. The main reason of doing the assessment is to ensure that you reach as many of your targeted audience as possible.

  • Sign up on social media

The second step is to sign up to the social media platform or platforms that your targeted audience are using. Sign up for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. In LinkedIn, all your employees turn into your advocates. You can go ahead and create a Facebook business page where you will invite your targeted audience to like it. This way, they will receive any business updates as they come. Additionally, you can use your personal account to create a Facebook page provided the rules of the type of business you are running allow it. This will make it extremely easy for you to manage the page.

  • Hire a reliable social media manager

It’s not easy to manage several social media accounts. For this reason, you should first sign up for one of the many available social media managers to manage your social media networks on a single site. The manager will schedule and deploy all your messages. So, you won’t spend your time sitting over your social media accounts the whole day.

Social media manager makes your work easier because it gives you an opportunity to assess how successful the tweets are in real-time using click-through statistics. Via click-through statistics, you are also able to collect the mentions of your product, services or your business brand on Twitter. Imagine having just one inbox where you receive messages from all your social media accounts. Well, that’s what you get from a reliable social platform manager.

  • Post updates

The next step is to feed your social media pages with content. After which, you can then add friends, family, colleagues and followers. Remember that the moment you add friends, they will immediately look at your page to see whether they should follow you. They will obviously dismiss you when they find no content on your page.

  • Engage your followers and friends

When someone accepts your friend request or follows you, thank them as soon as possible, and tell them that you are looking forward to having a good connection and conversation with them.

5 Ways of Marketing your Business using the Internet

Online marketing is no longer something you do because you want to. By this, I mean that online promotion has become a necessity for any type of business irrespective of its size. If you have just started a business, or you don’t have the financial muscles to cater for a huge advertising budget, then you might find it difficult to navigate the multiple marketing options available.

Fortunately, social media platforms, advertising services and search engines have made it extremely easy for you to market any type of business online. In more often than not, services are usually low-cost or free. You should take advantage of these services and use them effectively to give your consumers what they are looking for by making sure that your business has a great presence online. Here is how to do just that.

  1. Build a website

For your business to have a visible presence online, you must have a website where your audience will be visiting to find information.

  1. Feed your website with content

After creating a business website, you should then build it with high quality content. For instance, you can fill your website with the information that will likely interest your customers and prospects. The information on your website should be easy to find, read and understand. The website must be easy to navigate, and the sentences should be short and to the point.

Include the following on the website:

  • Location of your business
  • Description of the products and, or services you are selling
  • Contact information such as email address and telephone number
  • Business hours
  • Information about any special offers
  • The business logo
  • Business history
  • Customer reviews and testimonies
  1. Share the website’s address

You are creating a website and feeding it with information so that your customer can view, watch and read the content to learn more about your business, and to eventually buy from you and spread the word. So, you must make it easier for them to find the business website. Of course, search engines will make you easy to find. However, it’s recommended that you find other ways of sharing your URL to increase the visibility and presence of your business online. For instance, you can print your URL on promotional materials, brochure, invoices and business cards.

  1. Blog on a regular basis

Blogs helps maintain your presence online. You can use it to show to people what products or services your business is offering. You can also use blogs to show people what you care about. Feed your blog with new content and update it regularly. Otherwise, your audience might start thinking that your business no longer exists.

  1. Connect and respond to friends and followers on social media

Most of the people you are targeting are actually on social media. For this reason, you should make sure that your business has a great presence there as well. This way, you can be able to share the information related to your business with very many people. Sign up to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, and Instagram and so on.

Be sure to engage your friends and followers with conversation that interests them. Do not fail to comment or “like” their posts. In other words, show interest in whatever your friends and followers are doing.