Yoonla CPA Affiliate Program Review; YES, Yoonla Is Legit!

Yoonla CPA Affiliate Program Review

YES, Yoonla Is Legit!

This is my Yoonla CPA Affiliate Program review for all of those who are wondering if Yoonla is a legitimate opportunity. I will tell you straight YES Yoonla is a legitimate opportunity. I am one of Yoonla VIP members.

Yoonla CPA Foundation system is user-friendly; you can get started making money within days. I decided to write a Yoonla Review based on my own personal experience.

My goal is to help you understand what Yoonla is all about; the company is a legit money-making opportunity. Over the past years struggling to find a legit online website and spending many thousands of dollars, I finally found Yoonla.


My advice to you when searching for an online money-making business is to take a step back and observe, analyze, and learn from others’ experiences and then act. Don’t just sign up for any website that guarantees you’ll become rich or one that says you can make $10,000 or so a month. “That just is not true”.

This is what I did before I signed up with Yoonla. I researched the company (in Google) and talked to many online affiliates marketers in the same field of business so that I would not get ripped off again.

Once satisfied, I made the decision to stop turning over every shiny rock thinking this one is going to make me rich, and I signed up with Yoonla. I also made a commitment to myself to focus only on building my Yoonla business and no others.

It’s now been a few months since I joined Yoonla and now I will share with you my experience and some facts about the Yoonla foundation. I’m sure you will find the information below helpful in making your decision is also becoming a member.

Reno Van Boven – Sales Automation Magic

Reno Van Boven is a digital entrepreneur with quite a few successful online marketing projects under his belt since 2006. He is from New Zealand and is also the founder of Yoonla.com. The video below will help explain what marketing automation can do for your business. Specifically, sales automation.

The Founder of the Yoonla Foundation


What is Yoonla?

Yoonla is a digital marketing platform that claims it will teach people how to make money with CPA (Cost Per Click) Affiliate Marketing. Yoonla provides its members with a blueprint for becoming a digital entrepreneur.

The Yoonla training is focused on the tools you will need for your digital lifestyle; a website and auto-responder. Although Yoonla has recommended products, you are not required to purchase them with the free Yoonla membership. To learn more about how to become a member of Yoonla.

Your success will depend on you as there is no guarantee that you will make money. However, if you use good marketing strategies, the tools that Yoonla provides, and you are honest with your promotions and are willing to help others who are getting started building a business, success is in the cards for you.

How does Yoonla work?

It is very simple to sign up for Yoonla and become a member. You will be given a link to sign up for your affiliate marketing person. Click on the link and follow the steps that are given. Once done, you will be sent a welcome email from Yoonla. Then within a day or two, you will receive another email with direction to activate your Yoonla account.

Once inside your account, you will be provided with your own affiliate link so you can also be able to promote Yoonla. The system is loaded with all of the training material and tools needed to help you become a successful entrepreneur.

Now, if any person signs up using your affiliate link, you will earn a commission for every successful signup. If the same person decides to upgrade and becomes a VIP member, you will earn further commission on a monthly basis. Even if you do not want to upgrade to the VIP status, Yoonla offers some helpful affiliate material.

Is Yoonla really Free?

Yes, Yoonla offers a free membership, you will have access to the training and digital products within the free membership. However, to make money with Yoonla CPA Affiliate Program, you must upgrade to a VIP membership.

Yoonla will be promoting the tools that Reno uses in his affiliate marketing business within the VIP system. Those tools include Yahoo Domain $10.99 for the year & Web Hosting $9.99 monthly and GetResponse Autoresponder $15.00 a month. So, to become a VIP member it would cost you around $26.99 a month. After you sign up for these services, Yoonla will in return setup your digital lifestyle system at no cost to you, this would be $297 savings for you. If you are already signed up for these same services you can use your accounts.

How to make money with Yoonla?

Yoonla is a two-tiered CPA based affiliate program You will earn a commission when the referral signs up for the free Yoonla program, as well as when the referral upgrades their membership to become a VIP membership.

You will earn $2 – $4 commission once the account is activated

Once the account upgrades to VIP membership you will earn $15 on 1st tier and $20 2nd tier commission.

CPA SYSTEM Get Paid $4 per lead – $15 Bonus + Payment proof

Kimberly Mitchell Entrepreneur

** Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link, you will be taken to the affiliate website. If you decide to purchase products or join the website, I stand to make a commission on the sale and or lead.


5 Reasons why you should use YouTube Marketing for a small business success

Using YouTube to market a small business is one of the most effective ways of promoting small businesses.

If you own a small business, it is very important that you find effective ways to get whatever you are selling in front of your audience continuously. You don’t have to break the bank to market your products and/or services. Using YouTube to market a small business is one of the most effective ways of promoting small businesses. If you incorporate YouTube into a marketing strategy, chances are that your business will grow.

If you are not yet convinced why you should use YouTube to promote your business, then read on to find out how it will benefit you.

  1. It captures attention

youtube marketing
Photo by bruce mars from Pexels


Nothing captures the attention of people than a creative, clear YouTube video. No wonder many businesses, celebrities and organizations and so on are constantly uploading YouTube videos for their audience. According to research, this site receives at least 300 hours of videos per hour. Because YouTube videos capture attention of viewers and captivate them, your business will get an extraordinary exposure on this site.

  1. Viral marketing

youtube marketing


This site provides small businesses with plenty of viral marketing returns. Once you upload a video on YouTube, viewers will share it with their friends and follower on social media and some will even upload it on their websites. In more often than not, a person who receives a video from a co-worker, a friend or a family member shares it with the people who are close to him or her. This eventually creates a ripple effect. However, this only happens if the YouTube video is captivating.

  1. Global accessibility

youtube marketing


Using YouTube to advertise any business has plenty of benefits because it offers you a chance to reach all your targeted customers worldwide. This site is a worldwide sensation, and it reaches almost all countries. In other words, YouTube is accessible in all corners of the world, and in various devices including tablets, laptops, smartphones, and PCs.

More than 75 countries use YouTube, and it is available in more than 61 languages. Because it is highly available, it will expose your business in an effective way. It will be exposing your business 24/7 even when you are a sleep.

  1. You can integrate it with social media

youtube marketing

You can easily share your YouTube videos online. This therefore means that you can easily integrate these videos into a social media marketing strategy. When you distribute the videos on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn, chances are that the business exposure will increase instantly. It is worth noting that at least 323 YouTube videos are watched every minute on Facebook.

  1. It grows the presence of your business online

youtube marketing
Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels


When you upload captivating YouTube videos, they will obviously become popular, and this is extremely beneficial to your business in terms of promoting its presence. When people watch and share your video, it will grow in popularity. This improves its ranking. As the video continues to become more popular, the chances that people will click on associated links will also increase, and this is what grows the presence of an online business.

How Much Money Do you Need to Start an Internet Business?

So, you want to start an internet business but you don’t know how much you need for a start-up. Well, I will give you an accurate approximation of the amount of dollars you will have to spend on the same. Setting up this kind of business does not necessarily costs you a lot of money. What it actually needs is your time.

To get the minimum cost of starting an online business, you must first look at the cost of basic requirements.

Basic hardware

For you to start an Internet business, you will need a computer, internet access and modem. You will spend at least $500 to buy a computer and about $300 every year for the internet access. I bet you already have a computer and internet access. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this post. Even if that is the case, you should still add the cost of basic hardware.

Website nameinternet business

While you can use Blogger or WordPress.com to establish an online presence, such blogging platforms are only good if your aim is to blog about your experiences and thoughts but not for running a business. When setting up an Internet business, you will register a domain name, which is simply a website name by paying about $10 per year especially if it is a .com name.

Website hostinginternet business

Your website will have files, and you will need a place to keep them. So, you will need what is known as web host server. Depending on your budget and preference, you can pay for a shared web host server or a web host server dedicated to you alone. A shared web hosting will cost you around $60 – $100 per year, and you will share it with other hundreds of sites. This is an ideal option for you if you are on budget. But if you intend to run many sites, then you should opt for your own web-hosting server, which will cost you about $300 a year.

On top of the cost of basic hardware, website name and web hosting service, you will also pay for whatever you want other people to do for you. For instance, you might decide to write content for your blog yourself or hire a content writer. Furthermore, you might incur the cost of commission you will be rewarding the people you have referred to buy products from another business’s site. You will need about $200 to manage your internet business if you are going to do most of the things yourself.

In summary, all you need is a website name, a computer, a modem or rooter, internet access and a place to host your website. With all these, you can start and run an internet business without spending extra money. However, there is no harm in spending more money.

Therefore, the total cost of starting an internet business so far is:

  • $500 + $300 for basic hardware
  • $10 per year for a domain name
  • $100 – $300 for web hosting
  • $200 for management

4 Reasons Why You Should Start an Online Business

Are you on social media? If you said yes, then it means you can easily connect with many people irrespective of where they are or how much they earn. This also means that you can start your own online business. Compared to any other time in the history of humankind, starting and operating a business has never been easier than today.

If you are looking forward to building your own online business and you are wondering whether it is worth a try, then this article is meant for you. Read on and find out some of the main reasons why you should not waste time but build your online business.

  • Extremely inexpensive

To start a small online business, you should first look for a domain name. Secondly, you should find a reliable hosting service that will house your website. All these can cause you less than $100. After setting up everything, you can go ahead and create your products and, or services that you intend to sell. Just like that, you will have your business running. To grow, you will need to try to reach out to all your friends, colleagues and family members and beyond to build your audience. You can easily do this on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platform.

  • More flexibility

When you are running your online business, you will have the ability to choose when to work. For instance, you can choose which days of the week you will be working, and the number of hours you will be working provided you have set the business in a very efficient way. In short, an online business offers you more choices when it comes to choosing the time to focus especially on being more productive whether it is on weekends or Monday – Friday. This way, you will be able to direct your time and energy on any other important things that are not within the business.

  • Freedom to choose your location

When you are operating an online business, it will never tie you down to an office, a desk or any particular location. Provided you have your laptop or a smartphone and you can connect to the Internet, you will be able to run the business from wherever you are. This therefore means that you can travel to any part of the world without worrying about your business because you can always work on the go. So, whether you are visiting a friend, your family, or just going on a vacation, your business will still stay with you.

  • Unlimited presence

You are fully aware that when people need any product or service today, they first go to the internet to search for the companies that are selling what they are looking for. If your business is online, it means that customers and clients will find you irrespective of where they are. Everyone can access the products and services of an online business. This also cuts the cost of advertising the business.




Managing the use of Social Media at a Workplace

One of the best ways to motivate your employees working at your home-based business is to allow them unlimited access to your internet connection. However, excessive use of internet can lead to a decrease in your employee productivity because they will spend much of their time connecting with people on social media even during working hours. Some employees might also use the social media to voice their frustrations at the workplace. This can be very damaging to your business.

To ensure that your employees remain as productive as possible, and to ensure that they don’t taint the image of your company, you need to manage how they use their social media. While it’s not a good idea to try imposing rules on how they should connect with people, you can partner with them and work together to make social media platforms as an effective tool to promote your business.

Here are some of the most helpful tips for managing how your employees use social media.

  • Manage the performance of your employeessocial media

Busy employees will not have time to spend on social media. Have a policy that requires every employee to update whatever they have achieved in every two weeks, a month or so. Set targets and goals. Let every employee know the expectations of the company. This will make them busy, and have little or no time left to waste on social media.

  • Train employees social media

Train your employees and let them know more about social media policies. Let them know the consequences of failing to adhere to those policies. Use this opportunity to make it clear to your employees the stance of your company on the trends of social media.

  • Write policysocial media

When you write social media policies and guidelines, it would be easier to maintain consistency especially on how employees will be using social media. It should be clear to everyone that it is an offense to post any office pictures on social media. In other words, let everyone know that posting any confidential information online is not allowed. Be sure to enforce the policy. Otherwise, having it would not be of any value to the growth of the business. Act appropriately whenever an employee breaches the policy.

  • Be aware of social media trendssocial media

For you to write relevant policy, and manage the use of social media, you must be knowledgeable about all the technological trends of social media. Know how to use all the social media tools, and learn how they can be beneficial as well as harmful to your business. This way, you will be able to write relevant policies that will protect and promote your business.

  • Set expectationssocial media

Of course, you can write policies that bar your employees from using social media completely. The best thing to do therefore is to ensure that they use social media tools constructively. Collaborate with employees and agree on how they can use social media tools to promote the business. Let employees know when they can connect with friends, update their status on Facebook, or send tweets and so on. On the same note, let them know when they are not expected to use them.

Why Facebook Makes for a Good Marketing Strategy?

While Facebook was mainly created to help connect people around the world, business owners have been inventing new users of this amazing social media platform. So far, it has become an effective tool for advertising and promoting both small and big businesses. Unfortunately, many other business owners out there still do not understand how this social media platform can benefit a business if used in a marketing plan. If you are one of these people, then you have come to the right site. Just read through to find out some of the few benefits of Facebook to a business.

  • An economical marketing strategy

Who said marketing must cost a lot of money for it to be effective? You can market your business on Facebook without having to break the bank. There are many marketing activities that usually cost a lot of money through other advertising channels. However, these same marketing activities would only cost a fraction of what they would have cost on other channels when you use them through Facebook. This makes this social media platform ideal to both small and medium businesses that cannot afford a huge marketing budget.

  • You can share information relating to your business

You can share brief basic information relating to your business publicly on your Facebook page. For instance, you can publicize the name of the business, its address and the contact details with the public. Additionally, you can give a brief description of the products or services you are offering. Furthermore, you can also use your Facebook page to talk about your business history, your staff, and any other relevant aspect of the business that can attract any other users of Facebook, and builds interest in whatever you are doing.

  • Upload pictures and, or videos from the business

Facebook benefits you a great deal in marketing because it allows you to upload and share pictures, videos and audios from the business. Furthermore, Facebook also lets you post texts, and tag photos. When you share such information on your Facebook page, you will be communicating with your existing and potential customers in a very powerful way. They will have an opportunity to see the products or services you are offering without them visiting the premises.

  • Talking to your audience

Facebook page allows you to post and receive messages. This therefore means that you can actually use this media platform to talk to both your existing and prospective customers. Instead of using this media platform to market your business aggressively, you should share interesting information about the business. The information should be useful to other Facebook users. This way, your credibility will increase and you will be able to build a lasting relationship with your current and potential customers.

  • Customer support provision

Your customers will not have to visit the premises to get customer support. Instead, they would be able to post any after-sale question to you on the Facebook wall. After which, your staff will be able to provide an answer instantly. This is always more effective as compared to staff answering customers directly on phones.

5 Factors To Consider Before Starting a Home Based Business

Are you thinking of starting a home based business? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right site. Apart from the fact that you don’t need to spend any money on rent, operating a home business means that you won’t be wasting time and money on traffic everyday travelling to your business location.

There are so many benefits and advantages of starting and running a home based business but that is a story for another day. In this article, I have listed some of the main factors that you must consider before starting your home business.

  1. Compliance

Do your research and understand the laws that govern home-based businesses. Meet all the requirements to make sure that your venture is compliant. The requirements often differ depending on the state or country your home is. Requirements might include registration, licensing and adherence to some safety guidelines.

Be sure to check with relevant authorities to find out all the requirements because the type of home business you want to set up will affect the requirements that you will be required to meet.

  1. Scope

Scope is one of the things you should know before starting a home based business. How big should your business be when you are starting? Additionally, determine how you are planning to expand your venture and after what period. The products and, or services you are planning to offer will affect the scope of your business.

  1. Your finances

When you are planning to start a home based business, you need to understand your financial situation. Of course, you don’t need money to rent or lease property because you will be using your home. However, you still need money for start-up. Precisely, you will need money to buy office equipment, production equipment, supplies, and to hire lawyers, accountants and other professional services. You will also need money for marketing, licensing and inventory.

  1. Amount of space

Before starting a home based business, you need to consider the available space and the amount the activities of your business will require. For instance, if you are planning to sell actual products, you will need a storage space. Have a solid plan on how you will be housing the business, and consider how the space requirements are going to affect your family.

  1. Marketing needs

For any home business to succeed there must be a good marketing strategy. Because there is no storefront to attract potential customers, you will have to find effective ways to promote your business. Marketing will help you get the name of your business out there. Consider all the marketing options available and choose the most cost-effective ones.

Regardless of what products or services you intend to offer, word-of-mouth and online advertising should be part of your marketing strategy. It is highly recommended that you use social media platforms to advertise your business. Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other major social media platform. Add friends, follow people, and engage them. Talk about what interest them and connect well with your friends and followers before you start advertising your company to them.

How to Market a Small Business Online?

Marketing an online business can be a daunting task. However, it can be very easy as well provided you know what you are doing and how to do it the right way. You don’t have to wait for years for Google to rank you high on its SERP. Of course, you will not start reaping the benefits of advertising your business overnight. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to take ages for you to get returns. In this post, I have highlighted some of the best ways of marketing a business. These ways have definitely offered impressive returns to many entrepreneurs who have tried them. Check them out!

  1. Create a noteworthy blog

Creating a blog is a very important method of marketing any business online. It is where you will be posting very high quality content to with an aim of sharing the same with your existing and targeted customers. For this marketing method to be effective, you should update your blog regularly by revising the content you had posted earlier, or by posting more content on a regular basis. While this strategy requires weeks, months or even years to pay off, you should embrace it because you will eventually reap the benefits in a big way.

  1. Connect with people on LinkedIn groups

If there is one great, effective way of connecting with other people quickly especially those in your niche or industry, then it must be through LinkedIn groups. These groups allow you to connect and have discussions with entrepreneurs who are also selling or buying the same products that you are trying to market. When you join LinkedIn groups, you will be able to make meaningful contributions to discussions or conversations. When the members have already known you, you can then start promoting your products especially by dropping links.

  1. Take advantage of Instagram influencers

With almost everybody on social media, you have the ability to reach millions of people globally instantly. However, visibility and algorithms can work against you especially when you are out of reach of thousands and hundreds of followers. However, there is a way out. You can simply use powerful Instagram influencers to reach out to people and spread your message. Of course, this will cost you some money. However, it will definitely help you have instant access to thousands of people interested in your niche. Just be sure to choose a relevant Instagram influencer.

  1. Use email marketing

As a business owner, you should engage in email marketing. While it is not an easy feat, you can succeed with it and have good returns. For email marketing to be successful, you can give out something for free to consumers in exchange for their email addresses. Be sure to give away something that is valuable to your consumers. After collecting email addresses, take your time to develop a good relationships with the owners of those emails before trying to sell to them. Simply put, you need to connect with a consumer first before you turn your focus into selling.


How Internet can Help a Businessperson Live a Healthy Life?

Running any type of business, big or small can be overwhelming. It requires your attention, time, effort and money. In the middle of trying to remain compliant, stay competitive, retain customers, attract new ones, and strategize on how to grow the business, you might end up leading a very unhealthy lifestyle. Fortunately, internet can be your savior.

You are not the only one who is wondering how internet can help you live a healthy life even with the busiest schedule on earth. While the list is too long, I have just discussed some of the most effective ways the internet can save your life.

  1. Connect you with friends

Working on your business can be very involving. Because it consumes much of your time, you might end up living a very isolated life. It’s extremely important for you to know that man is a social being, and working full time without having the time to chat or spend time with friends can be very dangerous.

Granted, it’s hard to create time to visit or host friends at home owing to your busy schedule. However, you can still connect with friends on social media anywhere at any time. When you share notes about personal lives with trusted friends, you will feel loved, comfortable and complete even without meeting them physically. When you are happy, you reduce chances of suffering from any chronic illness.

  1. Helps you reduce stress

Running a business can be stressful. And stress has never been beneficial to any human being. Because of the internet, you can download interesting games, movies, and even watch videos online. Doing what you love is an effective way of reducing stress because it suppresses the secretion of stress hormones and stimulates the secretion of feel-good hormones. Living a stress-free life boosts your immune system, which means that you will not only have a healthy life, but also live longer.

  1. Helps you keep fit

Maintaining a good exercise plan is one of the secrets to a happy, healthy living. With the internet, you can do your own research online and learn how to adopt and maintain an exercise regime. You can get a good schedule online and receive tips on how to exercise in a healthy manner. This way, you will be able to attain and maintain a streamlined body. This will improve your image and boosts your self-esteem and confidence. This is a good thing for your business as well because when you are confident, you will be able to win trust of your existing and potential customers very easily.

  1. You can work anywhere

You don’t have to be in your office to work on projects. Being at the same place everyday can make you bored, unhappy and unproductive. The internet enables you to leave your office, go somewhere else, and still work on your projects the same way you would have done in your office. Working from a place your feel comfortable at will boost your mood and enhance your productivity.

When you are healthy and happy, you become more productive when you get down to working on your business. For this reason, you must always strive to live a healthy and happy life.





5 Internet Business Ideas

Have you been toying with the idea of starting an online business? This article intends to help you succeed. Internet offers unlimited business opportunities to entrepreneurs. In fact, you don’t have to lease or build a store for you to set up a business – thanks to the internet.

Now that you have a dream of setting up and running a successful internet business, I will help you by discussing some of the most lucrative business ideas. Read on!

  • Consultancy services

You can start an online consultancy service firm where you will be educating and advising people on particular subjects. For instance, if you are a medical doctor, you can set up a medical consultancy firm online where anyone with a medical condition or a question related to your area of profession can contact you and receive your advice and answers at a fee.

  • Blogging

Blogging is one of the most common and lucrative online businesses today. All you need to do is pay for a domain name, open your website and start blogging. You can choose to write about politics, about business, social life, or any other topic that you are sure will interest your targeted audience.

When you dedicate your time and effort to feed your blog with search engine optimization content, Google and other search engines will rank you high. This way, you will start having good traffic. This can earn you money in many ways. For instance, you can approach companies to use your website to advertise their products at a fee.

  • Freelancer

You can provide services to people, companies and organizations as a freelancer. If you are a good writer, you can look for clients and write quality, SEO articles for them. As your name spreads, you can become a brand and receive orders from many other people and organizations. This way, you can set up a writing bureau and employ the best writers to work at the bulky projects.

  • An online market

Many people out there have plenty of second hand products to sell but they don’t know where to find the buyers. On the same not, many people out there would wish to buy used goods but they just don’t know where they can get them. If you can provide them with an online platform to do so at a fee, you can rest assured you will earn real money.

Trying having a site where sellers can post pictures of the goods they are selling and their prices, and invite willing buyers to ask for the goods they would wish to buy. You only need to advertise this site, and win trust of the public. Before you know it, you will be making money 24/7.

  • An online shop

Gone are the days when you needed to have a physical store to sell products. With Internet, you can simply open an online store where you will be posting pictures of available products, their prices, and where you are able to deliver to. Buyers will only be required to place their orders, and yours is to get the product from reliable producer to the doorstep of consumers.